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You Get One Life CD

You Get One Life CD


Our 4th full length album.

14 brand new tracks plus a 14 track bonus complilation CD called This Is Who We Are. This Is What We've Done, comprising of tracks from our previous releases.


CD1: You Get One Life

1. One Life...,  2. We Are Proud   3. You're Nicked   4. Hear No, See No, Speak No   5. United in Anger   6. Stand Your Ground   7. We Want Our Game Back   8. Clueless & Corrupt   9. No Future   10. Labels   11. Better Way of Life   12. Uncivil War   13. Aggro   14. Same Old Story


CD2: This Is Who We Are. This Is What We've Done

1. The Hunted   2. Dirty Little Secret   3. Ain't no Fool   4. Jack The Ripper   5.Football, Beer and Punk Rock   6. Tooled Up For the job   7. Fingers to the Bone   8. This is Who we Are...   9. Are You Offended?   10. This Ain't No Love Song   11. You Sold Our Glory   12. 1918   13. 70's TV Cop   14. Riot

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