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Every time I think I’ve turned a corner

Something else goes out of order

I don’t think I’ve had any luck at all

Every day there’s more trouble landing

I feel like I’m the last man standing

When is this nightmare gonna end?


I don’t know what I have done

To end up on this shitty run

I can’t explain it

I just can’t take it

Life’s gone-and-kicked-the-shit-right out of me


I open my eyes every morning

And I get a 4 minute warning

And then it all starts to happen once again


If, there’s such a thing as karma

And I keep getting all this drama

I, must have a very chequered past




This bloke came up to me, just itching for a fight

He looked me up and down and said well don’t you look a sight

He stood there in his primark gear, a tenners worth  of style

I kicked him in the bollox and I looked him in the eye


And I said, No mate, i’m not like you

And i won’t shut up, i won’t fit in, cos this is what i do

If you don’t like, the way i am

Just keep on walking by cos you wouldn’t understand


The other day my boss said I should smarten up

Those tattoos look unsightly, can’t you cover them up

These tattoos mate, are who I am the story of my past

So if you’re so offended, stick your job right up your arse


Went down the boozer with me mate just for a beer

The landlord said, no sorry, we don’t serve your type in here

What do you mean, my type you cunt, and he just shook his head

I grabbed him by his old school tie and this is what i said



London (My Heart Belongs to)


A city built on blood and tears, There's history all around

from the docks into the back streets, if you know your way around

The times they are a changin, so are the sights and sounds

From beer and bricks and brothels, to glass towers all around


But i will always love, my good old London town


You know my heart belongs to London

The dirty Thames it flows right through my veins

From St Paul's right along to Soho

The house of god down to the house of sin 


The place is choked with traffic now, the pubs are closing down

The city just keeps growing, and the poor just get pushed out

So called regeneration, It’s just a lick of paint

But the beating heart ain’t given up, It’s just becoming faint



Music in my Heart


Without music my life just don't feel right

And then it hit me, right between the eyes

When i'm on stage i feel that i belong

100 watts of power driving every song


Cos I've got music in my heart and in my soul

and i just don't think yu'd understand

my life is nothing if you take my love away

cos if you take the beat you take the breath away from me


My heart is beating, it's what keeps me alive

it's a part of me that cannot be denied

it was my first love and so will be my last

i like like it loud....i like it fast


Cos I've got music in my heart and in my soul

and i just don't think you'd understand

my life is nothing if you take my love away

‘cos if you take the beat you take the breath away from me


Game over


Just another day, running round a maze

You’re over thinking,And your head is in a haze

You’re just another cog, In a massive wheel

You’re in the rat race, And they don’t care how you feel


You are the problem, You’re in their way

And if you don’t escape, You know it’s going to be game over!


They don’t want your views, Don’t wanna hear your voice

And if your face don’t fit, You’ve only got one choice

They’ll chase you down, You can’t stand and fight

You’ll never beat them even if you’re in the right



They’ve got the power, To match their greed

They’ve got the hunger, And the know how to succeed

You are the problem, You’re in their way

And if you don’t escape,You know it’s going to be game over!


You’ve gotta find a way, To get yourself out

You can’t rely on others,To help in any way

And if it all goes wrong, At least you tried

It’s better to have a go, And go down with a fight


You’re scum, that’s how it is, that’s all I’ve got to say

Your place is to earn our trust, Now that’s, all blown away

A bent cop is a fucking disease, a cancer in the brain

The abuse that you gave out, Has left a dirty, dirty stain


Filth, you’re on the take, Filth, you’re on the make

Filth, You’ve lost our trust, Filth, The system’s bust

Filth, you can run, Filth, but you can’t hide

Filth, and you know, You’re fucked now you’re inside


You covered up all the shit you done,it happened in the past

Hushed up to avoid a fuss, But it’s all come out at last

A predator you took your chance, That night you had your way

But this time your fucking mates,Couldn’t make it go away


You’re nicked and now they’re gonna fuck you

You got caught and now you say you’re sorry

It’s too late, don’t wanna hear your story

They’re gonna give you hell


Made of iron


Soft centre. hard core, I’ll always rise up from the floor

I’ve come from nothing yeah, and I am nothing more

I'm real, no show, Red hot and ready to go

You play with fire, and you’ll get your fingers burned 


And when you hit me with a bang

I’ll just become a stronger man

Cos I’m my heart I’m made of iron


The knocks, I take, have made me who I am today

The twists and turns in life, mistakes that I have made

I’ll take, the heat, Cos, I don’t know when I am beat

I’ll face the flames, and I won’t hide in the shade


I’m cold like steel, you won’t control the way I feel

My past has shaped me, but there’s much more to come

I know stress, I know pain,Cos I live my life close to the flames

Like a coiled spring, I’ll just keep coming back again


The lowerarchy


My life’s not walked in a straight line

You’ve got your way, and I’ve got mine

We’re the ones that’ll try to bend and break your rules

You won’t fool us ‘cos we ain’t fools


We are the lowerarchy, the ones that don’t fit in

We’re frowned upon and we’re cast aside

We are the lowerarchy, the ones that don’t fit in

And when we stand up, you’ll run and hide


Your Hierarchy is the perfect plan

To force control over the working man

A ladder climbing right up to the top

We’re at the bottom, that’s where we’ll stop


Broken Man


This journey we call life, sometimes cuts like a knife

We fight to stay alive, but that comes at a price

Another memory leaves a scar, engraved into the heart

A permanent reminder that we’re sliding down a path


But my reflection’s not someone I recognise


That sad expression on his face, he’s no longer in the race

And he doesn’t really care, He’s been to hell and he still ain’t home

He doesn’t have to stand alone,

He’s just another broken man


I see a face look back at me, It’s who I used to be

He looks like he needs some help, But he don’t know how to ask

He’s much too scared to say, What he’s feeling every day

Wishing it would go away, And seeing faces from the past

Bloodshed on the streets


As prices rise, It fuels discontent

As people have to choose between their food and rent

So the rich still have, But we have not!

And the government they stay quiet, while the country goes to pot


A time for change is on its way

As the people can’t afford to pay


Can you hear them coming

They’re on their feet

And when they meet there will be bloodshed on the street


They talk of patience, And self control

But all our taxes seem to vanish down a hole


As each year passes, And the gap just grows

We’re run by a bunch of clowns, That no one chose



You Sort It Out


Another problem

Another thing gone wrong

But yet again it ain't your fault

You just can't see it can you 

That  the problem might be you

You've dropped a bollock once again


Well here we are you've gone and fucked it up again

you don't take advice and you never learn

you never listen, so you're on your own this time

you fucked it up you sort it out


You made your bed

So you've gotta lie in it

You'll have to fix what you've fucked up

You need to change

You need to take control

Cos one of these days it'll catch you up


Hate Culture


There's a new religion. They called it hate

The easy option, no need to tolerate 

If you're not with them. Then you're against

If you don't speak they say you're sitting on the fence


Hate Culture, Hate Culture

The knives are out for me

Hate Culture, Hate Culture

They're after you and me


You fool your public. With your deceit 

Fight through your keyboard Cos you know we'll never meet 

No time for truth. When no one checks

You spread your bullshit. No self respect



I Don’t Care


I’m not one, for politics

But bedroom politicians make me sick

Don’t judge me on who I am

The punk police are getting out of hand


What is punk, what’s it about?

‘cos rules like yours I’ll gladly do without

I believe in life my way

So don’t expect, me to play your games


I don’t care, What you say, I don’t care, What you do

I don’t care, What you think I don’t care, Ain't no fool,

My Life, My Rules, My Way, I’ll Choose

Fuck your shit opinions and your fucking stupid rules


Just cos we, don’t see eye to eye

It doesn’t mean that I’m wrong and you are right

Different scenes and different times

Can walk along the same old battle lines


When you’ve lived and done the things I’ve done

you’ll understand, where I’m coming from

I get you’re different but-it-works both ways

So fuck off with your lecture, I’ll carry on my way


Society is Broken


A nurse cries alone

A black eye and a swollen face

Another victim of some drunken prick 

that didn’t want to wait


While another kid

Bleeds out in the dead of night

He walked right through, the wrong estate

And they met him with a knife



YES Society is broken

YES Society is cracked

NO You’re never gonna win

Especially when the cards ARE FUCKING Stacked


As a nation cries

And society declines

Divide and conquer has  taken hold

And everybody wants a fight


People used to care

They didn’t run and hide

You don’t know who to trust mo more

So you just walk on by

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